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It is the mission of public broadcasting to serve the underserved. Today that means providing programs that are intelligent and thought-provoking – programs that respect the audience. 

Your public television station is not the same as any other. Your program schedule shouldn't be, either. P3 Public Media creates customized schedules within the PBS framework.We partner with full-NPS, PDP, major market, state network, and community licensee stations.

P 3 Public Media doesn't ignore ratings; they help tell us if programs are scheduled in the right places. We also don’t shy away from popular programs like Antiques Roadshow or Brit-Coms. But they don’t need to be repeated over and over again just to pump up your GRPs.

Your program schedule represents your mission, vision and values.  What does your current schedule say about your station? Let P3 Public Media help you say what you want your audience to know about your organization.

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