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What are the three most important things you want the public to know about your organization?

  • Are they crafted into promos for station breaks?
  • Are they mentioned on your website?
  • Are they a part of your social media strategy?
  • Does every member of your board know these three things and can they recite them at Rotary, or when speaking on your behalf?
  • Does every employee know them?
  • Do you?

P3 Public Media can help you determine the three things you want everyone to know about your organization.  From there, we’ll work with you to improve every aspect of your promotional strategy.

Station Breaks You have more than 12 hours a week that you own.  These are all the minutes between programs.  From the system cue to start of the next program, every element says something about your station. P3 Public Media will review your break elements to insure your viewers are seeing a consistent message – the message you want them to see. 

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