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Audience data is more than Nielsen ratings. Much more. Analyzing audience data is time consuming, and worth every minute. Unfortunately, few radio or television stations have an experienced media market researcher on staff.  P3 Public Media does and we can help you with audience research, web research, and grant funded impact/outcome evaluation.   

Ratings Analysis: Concise reports give you a quick look at your overall station performance.  Reports can be broken down by daypart or specific program.  This service is available for both television and radio.

Web Metrics: Easy to follow reports that give you a snapshot of your web activity, in plain English.  We can analyze your entire site, or just specific pages. This is especially useful for grant evaluations.

Grant Funded Evaluation: Many grant-funded projects require some form of evaluation to measure the impact of the grant project.  Evaluation services for grant funded projects begin with the evaluation plan for the grant application and end with the evaluation report for the final grant report.  Grant funded evaluation also includes developing logic models (when needed), data collection, and data analysis.